The aim of the Project is to develop scientific research about the socio-economical values of impacts of the climate changes and the flexibility of the adaptation to the climate changes in the apartment quarters in Riga and Latvia. The main idea of the research is to create affordable, up-to date, varied and attractive living space for the inhabitants which will be based on the social economical values.

Such a study is necessary because of the increasing dangers of climate change, as well as recognizing the need for adaptation to climate change. It is necessary not only to be aware of the consequences of its change in the socio-economic value, but also to be aware of possibilities to adapt to climate change which is based on the socio-economic value. As a result there will be much easier to plan the future development.

The selected study area is residential districts, which are by nature highly vulnerable to climate change, both from the social, technical and natural environmental changes. Changes in these areas will experience the largest population. In view of the study area, the target groups are both local residents as well as people who use quarter’s infrastructure.

At the research of the quarters there will be discussed a number of climate change and adaptation factors which will be based on different theories and scientific methods. There will be analysed and identified the socio-economic values. At the project Riga Municipal Agency "Riga City Architect's Office" will act as the lead partner. Technical part of the research will be performed by the Riga Technical University, but the environment block – Riga Stradins university Occupational Safety and Environmental Health Institute of Hygiene and Occupational Diseases Laboratory.

The project will lead to the study of climate change impacts on residential buildings, as well as their impact on climate change.

More information about the project:

Martins Menniks

Project manager 

+371 29410699

* Project is coo-financed by EEZ financial instrument